Strong shell, solid basis, secure transport

BRANOtech – these are refined papers, cardboards and other carrier materials for sophisticated technical applications when it comes to robustness and reliable protection for transport and storage security and in the packaging industry, the photo and printing industry and even theatres.

Our special machines enable us to apply a wide range of coatings to numerous carrier materials. The coatings can be aqueous, alcoholic or based on saline solutions. In addition, we can laminate various materials – the machine width can be adjusted up to 162 cm.

All materials in roll form with a basic weight of between 25 and 600 g/m² are suitable carrier materials. For example, these can be papers, films or textiles.

BRANOtech papers can be printed individually in accordance with your wishes and requirements using aqueous systems. The technical basis for this is our flexoprinting technology, which allows printed images to be created with up to three colours.