BRANOfol special polyethylene film

Premium Product

VCI embossed corrosion protection films are a special polyethylene film produced from the high-quality BRANOfol M3 or BRANOfol R3 corrosion protection products. This films, which are equipped with VCI active agents, are effective on both sides, waterproof and sealable. They are available in different thicknesses of up to 300 µm.

BRANOfol products continuously release small amounts of corrosion protection agents (VCI: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors), helping to provide effective protection against corrosion for metal parts during transport or storage.

The protecting atmosphere is, depending on the volume of the package, availabe after a short time. This holds true even after having opened the package for a short time – the protecting atmosphere will be rebuilt immediately afterwards.

The typical embossing are applied to the film with the help of an embossing roller, providing significantly better impact protection and – thanks to their surface structure – a larger output of VCI active agents, resulting in improved corrosion protection.