BRANOfol M3, M4

The nitrite free films BRANOfol M3 and BRANOfol M4 are bluish, transparent special polyethylene films, usable on both sides and with active VCI corrosion protection for multi-metal protection.

They are waterproof, weldable and ideal for automatic packing and bag production. BRANOfol M3 and M4 protect metal parts effectively from corrosion during transport and storage. The films emit minuscule amounts of corrosion protection agents into the air within the packaging on a continuous basis, thereby also protecting the metal surfaces that they do not touch directly.

The BRANOfol M4 is based on our latest batch-system achieving an even faster built-up-time while the long-term protection stays as good as before. Additionally, the film offers outstanding optical parameters through the very low light scattering. As the advancement of the BRANOfol M3 it guarantees an even more efficient corrosion protection for multi-metal.

BRANOfol M3 and M4 are also available as extremely tear-resistant, shrinkable, anti-static, electrostatic dissipative, flame-retardant, cross-laminated, UV-stabilised and extra-elastic variants.