Silverbrite (Silver Protection Paper)


Silverbrite is a smooth, bleached Kraft paper with an emery-free coating. This paper works by absorbing sulphur compounds in the air, preventing them from reacting with the metal. The amount of active substance contained within the paper has been calculated to provide twin-sided protection for several months.


Scope of protection

Silverbrite protects, retains the beauty of objects and has no effect on the function of silver articles or silver-plated surfaces such as is found on silverware or jewellery. Silverbrite is also extremely useful for use in technical and engineering applications when individual components have to remain shiny for processing or safety reasons (i.e. contacts). Silverbrite is neutral when used with other materials.



The objects to be protected are wrapped in Silverbrite and sealed tightly in such as ways as to make sure that gases passing between the outer atmosphere and the inside of the packaging can only do so through the protective paper. The product can also be used to line cutlery draws, to cover cutlery in boxes and to line cupboards. It’s important to make sure that air exchange is kept as low as possible in order to prevent the active substances from being used prematurely. The metals must be clean and dry before packing.


Silverbrite is to be used exclusively for the stipulated applications (packaging/preservation of metal parts susceptible to damage). We accept no liability for consequential damage resulting from improper use.


Paper Quality

  • Silverbrite basic weight: 75-80 g/sqm


Available sizes

Available in roll and sheet form.



Cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. Maximum storage time in the original packaging: 1 year.



Disposal of the product is carried out in accordance with waste disposal code 18715 (contains ZnO). Provided that no other contamination has arisen from its application that might alter its classification, Silverbrite should be introduced into a special waste incineration plant according to local authority regulations.


Work safety

Silverbrite is not regarded as a hazardous substance according to hazardous substance regulations. Further information can be obtained from the safety data sheet.





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