BRANOrost-Chips (Corrosion Protection Emitter)


BRANOrost Chips are differently sized cellulose cut-outs or punch outs that have been impregnated with vapour-phase corrosion-protection substances.

BRANOrost Chips act in accordance with the VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) i.e. they release small amounts of volatile protective substances. A protective atmosphere is built up in packaging or containers containing these fill chips, providing reliable protection against corrosion for metal components. BRANOrost Chips have a reserve-supply system.


Protection duration: 3 year maximum in tightly sealed packaging.


Scope of protection

BRANOrost M-Chip (nitrite-free): Steel, chrome, pure tin, high-grade aluminium, cast iron. Care should be taken with cadmium, zinc, nickel, lead, soldering tin, magnesium, tungsten, molybdenum and copper and its alloys. 


BRANOrost R-Chip: Steel, cast iron, chrome, block tin, high-grade aluminium. Care should be taken with cadmium, zinc, nickel, lead, soldering tin, magnesium, tungsten, molybdenum and copper and its alloys.

BRANOrost U-Chip (nitrite-free): Steel, copper and its alloys, brass, bronze, high-grade aluminium, block tin, chrome, cast iron (only on contact). Care should be taken with cadmium, zinc, magnesium, nickel, lead, tin, molybdenum and tungsten.



Cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. Maximum storage time in the original packaging: 3 years.



BRANOrost Superchips U 1-9/12 are 10 cm x 12 cm U-shaped chips with a pre-stamped hanging hole. One chip is sufficient to protect a 25 litre cavity.



BRANOrost Chips are placed or hung in packaging or cavities with tightly sealed outer walls. The better the outer seal, the longer-lasting the protection. Depending on the size of the packaging, small-format chips such as cut-outs or punch outs can be used. Large-format chips are also available.


The distance between the BRANOrost Chips and the metal will depend on the packaging volume and the amount of time needed for a protective atmosphere to build up. As a rule of thumb, the amount of time needed for a fully protective atmosphere to build up at a distance of 30 cm for steel and cast iron and at 12 cm for copper and its alloys is approximately 15 minutes and 24 hours respectively.


The surfaces to be protected must be dry and free from corrosion-promoting residues such finger sweat, aggressive detergent-based substances and others. Acids and strong alkaline can also affect the corrosion protection system. The protected materials should be kept away from direct contact with wood or acidic materials. It is also important to make sure that relative atmospheric humidity is kept low and that there is no atmospheric contamination (make sure that there is no wood in the packaging). BRANOrost Chips are to be used exclusively for the stipulated applications (packaging/preservation of metal parts susceptible to damage). We accept no liability for consequential damage resulting from improper use.




Available sizes

 Small-format squares and rectangles:





Protected cavity*

Pieces per Pack


10 mm x 10 mm
15 mm x 15 mm
30 mm x 30 mm
43 mm x 43 mm
50 mm x 50 mm
71 mm x 71 mm
100 mm x 120 mm
170 mm x 240 mm

0,1 l = 100 cm3
0,2 l = 200 cm3
1,0 l = 1.000 cm3
2,0 l = 2.000 cm3
2,5 l = 2.500 cm3
5,0 l = 5.000 cm3
25,0 l = 25.000 cm3
80,0 l = 80.000 cm3

1.000 pieces
1.000 pieces
500 pieces
500 pieces
200 pieces
200 pieces
200 pieces
200 pieces


*The relatively small area of the chips means the active substances are released slowly into the space to be protected. From experience we know that chips are also often introduced into packaging that is narrow and elongated, which causes an additional delay in the distribution of the active substances.


Therefore, the required size of chips to protect a cavity of up to 100 litres would be 10 cm2 for each one litre of protected cavity. In addition to this, the geometric situation dictates that a VCI volume ratio of 5 cm2/l (or rather 0.5 m2/m3) is necessary. We strongly advise contacting our applications technology department when planning to use our chips.




Sizes - to fit our working width of 49 cm:



Protected cavity


49 cm x 100 cm
49 cm x 50 cm
49 cm x 25 cm
24 cm x 25 cm

1 m3 = 1.000 l
0,5 m3   = 500 l
0,25 m3   = 250 l
0,125 m3 = 125 l



BRANOrost Chips are recyclable. They are marked with the recycling symbol. Since the thermal value is > 11,000 kJ/kg the material may be introduced into an energy recovery process. If burning is neither technically possible nor feasible, the material may be disposed of or burnt with domestic waste according to local authority regulations.


Work safety

BRANOrost Chips are not regarded as being hazardous substances according to the hazardous substance regulations. It should be handled in a well-ventilated space; one should not eat or drink while working with it, nor should foods be stored in the work area where it is used, and the hands and face should be washed after use. Further information can be found in our Material Safety Data Sheet.




Your contact person:


Angelika Lenger
Phone: +49 6404 9142-617

Fax: +49 6404 9142-690



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