BRANOrost (Corrosion Protection Papers)


BRANOrost corrosion protection papers act in accordance with the VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) i.e. they release small amounts of volatile protective substances. A protective atmosphere is built up in packaging containing this paper, providing reliable protection against corrosion for metal components. BRANOrost papers work on contact and from a distance.


Scope of protection

BRANOrost R: Steel, chrome, pure tin, high-grade aluminum, cast iron. Care to be taken with cadmium, zinc, nickel, lead, soldering tin, magnesium, tungsten, molybdenum, and copper and its alloys.


BRANOrost M (nitrite-free): Same as BRANOrost R but compared with R with limited casting protection.


BRANOrost U (nitrite-free): Steel, cast iron (only on contact), chrome, copper, brass, zinc, bronze, high-grade aluminum. Care to be taken with cadmium, lead, soldering tin, magnesium, tungsten and molybdenum.



Metal components can be protected against corrosion during the transport and storage process by packaging them together with BRANOrost papers (either by wrapping them in the paper, by lining the container or by using them as an interleaving paper).


The distance between the BRANOrost paper and the metal will depend on the packaging volume and the amount of time needed for a protective atmosphere to build up. As a rule of thumb, the amount of time needed for a fully protective atmosphere to build up at a distance of 30 cm is 15 minutes. The more tightly sealed (leak-proof) the packaging, the more long-lasting is the protection.

BRANOrost corrosion protection paper does away with the need to oil and grease. And the protected metal components are always ready for immediate use, because this system provides corrosion protection and simple, environmentally-friendly hand-ling in one.


The surfaces to be protected must be dry and free from corrosion-promoting residues such as finger sweat, aggressive detergent-based substances and others. Acids and strong alkaline can also affect the corrosion protection system. The protected materials should be kept away from direct contact with wood or acidic materials.


It is also important to make sure that relative atmospheric humidity is kept low and that there is no atmospheric contamination (make sure that there is no wood in the packaging).

BRANOrost VCI products are to be used exclusively for the stipulated applications (packaging/ reservation of metal parts susceptible to damage). We accept no liability for consequential damage resulting from improper use.


Paper Quality

BRANOrost products are available in smooth paper, are active on one or both sides and have differing basic weights. There are also a number of special papers available such as creped, PE/PP coated, sealable, web-strengthend, flame-retar-dant etc.


Available sizes

Rolls, sheets, bags, and punch cut-outs.



Cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. Maximum storage time in the original packaging: 3 years.



BRANOrost is recyclable. It is marked with the recycling symbol. Since the thermal value is > 11,000 kJ/kg the material may be introduced into an energy recovery process. If burning is neither technically possible nor feasible, the material may be disposed of or burnt with domestic waste according to local authority regulations.


Work safety

BRANOrost is not a hazardous formulation as defined in the hazardous substance regulations. It should be handled in a well-ventilated space; one should not eat or drink while working with it, nor should foods be stored in the work area where it is used, and the hands and face should be washed after use. Further information can be found in our Material Safety Data Sheet.



BRANOrost Corrugated Board


BRANOrost R, U, M


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