Getting to the bottom of things

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not limit ourselves to just manufacturing and marketing our products. Our BRANOscience business unit has developed to offer you all the know-how, expertise and technical equipment of our R&D laboratory - for system-based individual solutions. Whether you are already a customer or not, we can offer you the following services:


Transport simulations and monitoring

Wouldn’t you like to know in advance what kind of conditions your products will have to endure during the transport process overseas and what the best methods of protecting them are? With the help of our programmable climatic chambers, we can offer you reliable advance information. We use these chambers to simulate the expected conditions of the shipping process. Should you want even more information, we can also arrange for test packages to be sent under real conditions. These can be equipped with data logging devices that continually record the transport environment and provide you with reliable data for choosing the best possible packaging for your product.


Identifying the cause of corrosion

Do your components still rust despite being excellently packaged? Identifying what is causing the rust from the multitude of possible causes can sometimes be very difficult indeed.  One example of this is pre-corrosion that begins before the components are packaged. Regardless of its origins, however, our analytics department will identify what is causing the rust for you using state-of-the-art FT IR spectroscopy, UV VIS photometry and x-ray fluorescence analysis.


Analysing processing liquids

Can you be certain that your baths only contain what they are supposed to contain? Can you guarantee that the chemical compounds that you deploy do not bond to create health-damaging compounds such as nitrosamines? Yes you can - thanks to our GCMS. Please don’t hesitate to contact our experts. We would be delighted to help!


Determining the mechanical parameters and contents of packaging materials (paper, cardboard and foils)

Just because it says it’s “paper” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “paper”, and some foils that boast a dart-drop figure of 450 actually only manage half that amount. Rather than taking any risks in this important area, why not place your trust in our analytics department when it comes to your packaging materials. In addition to simple things such as its strength and ability to absorb, we will also determine its sulphate, chloride and nitrite content. Our inspection catalogue encompasses the testing of almost 100 different parameters, which can be called up individually or consolidated in complete analysis sets.



Interested? Please contact us!


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